The Class 3 License

One of the most common misconceptions in the NFA is the mythical "Class 3 License"

People will ask you if you have your class 3 license, or tell you you have to have one, in order to own NFA items but the truth is that no such license exists. There is a Type 03 Special Occupations Tax (SOT) which is what dealers pay to the government in order to deal in NFA items but it is neither a "license" nor relevant in any way to individual stamp collectors.

The reality is the only thing required to own NFA items are for you to pay the $200 tax to the ATF ($5 in the case of AOWs) and wait for them to approve your application. A simple one time fee for each item you buy and the patience to wait for the form to be approved and you'll be off and running as a Stamp Collector.